Monday, May 17, 2010

on being pregnant....

strangest things i've heard so far....

- co-worker (who has no children) "why did you want to do that?" me- because we wanted another baby  "i know, but why? why would anyone want to"  all i could think to say was "you'll understand one day"

- lady - "so, it was a surprise?" me- no, it was planned "oh, I didn't know you guys were even trying" (do people usually announce to the world when they are trying to have a baby? this person is not a relative, or even a friend - just an acquaintance) i thought it was very bizarre

- "i could tell you were pregnant" (i was 6 weeks at the time and had just announced it)

fathers are expecting too....

bo has been so cute. he's been wanting ice cream all the time and eating cookies at work. he says he's having "sympathy cravings". also, i'm very happy that he is so interested in the whole process. he gets the same weekly emails i do about our baby's growth and development. he'll say stuff like "you know the baby is the size of a kidney bean"..."and the lungs are developing".

he's also been enjoying reading "what to expect when you are expecting" - which is great because now he understands why i am moody and tired. he has been very helpful with morgan and with doing laundry, etc. he also is very overprotective, which is cute. he doesn't want me bending over, picking up anything even remotely heavy - the funniest thing is when we first found out, he said "don't be letting anybody bump into your belly. i know you'll be careful, but just be really careful"

as far as symptoms go, i did have morning sickness for about a week. i have been fine for the past 5 or 6 days, so hopefully it is over. i have also been really tired. i never take naps, but i took two this weekend! and i didn't have any trouble falling asleep each night so i guess i really needed the extra sleep. also, i've had at least one weird baby-related dream. i dreamt i took the baby to daycare and he was only 2 weeks old. at the end of the day the lady informed me that she didn't take infants until they were at least 20 weeks old. then i left the baby in a closet - he was in a bassinet and it was a walk-in closet, so he was ok. but i do remember that i had forgotten he was in there, so i felt bad. i'm sure i will have many more dreams like this, becuase i remember having them with morgan. hopefully none will be too scary.

i guess that's all for now. we've been taking "belly pics" each week so once my bump becomes noticeable i will post several of them .


  1. Ah, American culture and it's low view of motherhood and children. Try reciting Psalm 127: 3-5 for an answer. They'll most likely leave you alone. :)

  2. ha ha thanks katie! i'll have to look that up!

    it's gonna be funny also to see their reaction when they realize i'm "still" breastfeeding when i come back from maternity leave. to my knowledge no one up here has ever pumped once they came back to work so i'm sure i'll get some snide remarks. but i'll be ready!

  3. you will get the remarks. it cannot be avoided. i'm just glad this is your second go-round so you have a thick enough skin to take it. i expect those remarks from anyone who doesn't understand why children are a reward from the Lord in the first place. why would they ever sacrifice the perkiness of their breasts to feed something that they consider a hassle???

  4. yeah, and plus it's just "gross", right?

  5. ;) A few quotes for you from Janet Tamro's "So THAT'S What They're For!" No one will listen to you say this but just knowing these things has always helped me feel better...

    "Even though almost 60 percent of new mothers try breastfeeding today, the generation that mothered us was brainwashed by formula companies and medical literature to believe that breastfeeding was crass and unsanitary and that formula was modern and healthy (incidentally, so was smoking at that time). Only a small percentage -- less than 20 percent -- of our mothers brestfed. [ADDED BY KATIE: THANK YOU MOM FOR BREASTFEEDING ME FOR 18 MONTHS!] Like lace making, breastfeeding became a lost art (I think we can live without handmade lace, however)."

    AND I couldn't find the exact quote, but somewhere in the book she talks about how humans are THE ONLY mammals who allow their children to be fed by another animal. And we think we're sooooooooooo smart and cultivated. Hmmmmmmm....

  6. my sister in law has 6 kids, they always get all kinds of remarks. Like, "don't ya'll know what causes that?" My brother in law's reply to that, "yes we know what causes it, and we LIKE it".