Thursday, May 13, 2010

the rock

oh the trouble this little rock caused us!

yesterday, like every wednesday, i picked morgan up from school and rushed home to get her bathed, hair washed, and redressed for church. but yesterday, as i'm getting her bath ready, she says "my ear hurts, i put a rock in it." not really believing there is a rock in her ear, i tell her i will get the flashlight and look in her ear once she gets in the tub. she claims she put the rock in her ear at nap time. she never saw it come out and now her ear hurts. i look in her ear and don't see anything, so i text bo and let him know what's going on so he can look when he gets home.

once out of the tub, i make morgan lay down on her right side so maybe the "rock" will fall out. when bo looks in her ear he thinks he sees a rock, but then looks at the other ear and it looks the same. at this point he doesn't really believe there is a rock in there. we look online, and it says to put water in the ear to help get the object out. we try it and nothing happens.

we ask morgan what the rock looked like and she says "long, and the color of my skin".

we still don't believe there is a rock but morgan still says her ear hurts, so we head out to the clinic (about a 15 minute drive). on the drive we tell morgan the story of "the boy who cried wolf" and the importance of always telling the truth. about 5 minutes from the clinc, she suddenly decides her ear feels better so we turn around and head back to cleveland. once back in cleveland, her ear starts hurting again. still not believing there is a rock in there, i tell her that once we get to church she has to lay in my lap so the "rock" can come out. no playing, talking, eating candy - just lay there. so we get to church and less than 1 minute after laying in my lap, she reaches under her head, and pulls out the rock. i was so shocked!!! it looked exactly as she described it, and i felt so bad for not really believing her!

so we told her how sorry we were for not believing her and how important it is not to put anything in your ears or nose (just to prevent another similar incident).

i was actually relieved to see the rock and to know that my baby was not lying! i would have felt terrible had it fallen out and we never saw it.

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  1. I was in the bathroom one night and my son-who was already in bed for the night- came into the bathroom, closed and locked the door behind him and said, "mommy I have to tell you something". "I found a rock in my bed and put it in my nose, I was going to take it out but it got stuck". I about died. I just knew we were going to have to go to the ER to get it out and I knew he was going to be hysterical. I tried several times with a pair of tweezers and couldn't get it. Then I found my pointed tweezers and was finally able to get it out. I was so relieved. We also had a conversation about how important it is not to stick stuff in your ears, eyes, or anywhere else or he would have to go to the hospital and it would be very painful.