Friday, February 5, 2010

Morgan is 4!!!!!

morgan turned 4 in january. in some ways it's hard to believe it's been 4 years since i was in the hospital having a c-section, but in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago.
there were many festivities to celebrate morgan's 4th birthday, which started with a "family only" birthday party...
as you can see, the "theme" was lady bugs - morgan LOVES lady bugs. back in the fall, when they were everywhere, i would pick her up from school and she's have 10 or more in her hand. i always tell people she loves lady bugs to death!!

cake was made by delta cream in was so cute and delicious!

the next day we went to lunch after church at la cabana. morgan had her first embarrassing birthday singing - complete with a mexican hat!

the ladybug theme continued with the cupcakes i made for her to take to school.

and of course we had our traditional birthday balloons - 4, because she is 4.

and unfortunately i did not take any pictures, but we did go to lost dog with 2 of her buddies from school and their parents.

i'm so proud of my baby girl! she is so beautiful and sweet and such a joy!
4 year old stats:
she weighs about 30 lbs and is about 38 inches tall - she's a little bit!
she loves to eat pasta - mac and cheese, spaghetti, etc.
but, her favorite thing to eat is candy and anything sweet!
she loves to play hide and seek and memory
she pretty much knows all of the books of the new testament
she loves school and learns something new every day
she hates to go to sleep and thinks of any reason to call us in her room at night
she doesn't take naps and hasn't in about 2 years
she always wants to help us do everything, from cooking to cleaning to fixing things
she loves going to dance school and dancing in general
she loves taylor swift!
she's pretty much the cutest and smartest little girl ever!