Thursday, June 16, 2011


a lot has happened since i last posted. i went back to work in march, claire started daycare (which she seems to enjoy), morgan finished 4k and - we are building a house!! this is a dream come true for bo and i and it has been so fun (and a little stressful) so far.

Claire looking cute!
 matching easter dresses

 Morgan's dance recital
 Morgan trying to teach Claire how to roll over

We also took our first family vacation as a family of four. we went to hot springs, arkansas and just spent a few days sleeping in, eating out and taking naps! it was great! we also went to the big water park/amusement park and morgan loved it. she went down one slide (the smallest one) well over 100 times. that's all she wanted to do :)

hopefully i will find time to post again to show our house progress. currently, the bricks were just finished, the roof is finished, and they are starting sheetrock tomorrow! we usually go out there at lunch and after work to check the progress. it's been so fun!

Friday, January 28, 2011

january 2011

january is almost over, and claire is now 6 weeks old. she's still doing really well and morgan loves being a big sister. claire is getting bigger. as of today she is just over 10 lbs, is wearing 0 to 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. she is still exclusively breastfed and she sleeps pretty well. and she LOVES bathtime!

morgan turned 5 this month. it's hard to believe she is 5 years old! 

 we also had a "big" snow - at least big for cleveland. morgan got to make her first snowgirl thanks to mae mae. it was too cold to get claire out and bo was at work.

maternity leave has been wonderful and i still have over a month left. i am not looking forward to going back though. i'm just gonna enjoy the rest of my time at home and not think about it for now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

claire is here!!!

Claire was born on dec 15th at 12:05 pm - she was 7 lbs, 2 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.
She has plenty of dark hair (just like morgan did at birth) and her eyes are still blue.
She is 3 weeks old today and she has been a really good baby so far. She only cries if she's hungry, tired or getting her diaper changed. She sleeps most of the day and sleeps well at night too. Breastfeeding has been going extremely well this time around and I'm proud to say she has not had an ounce of formula! In fact, I've already frozen 19 oz of breastmilk for when I return to work. I still have 9 more weeks to build up my freezer stash.

And I have to brag on Bo. He has been the best dad ever. He just adores claire and loves to hold her and look at her. He changes diapers and helps with baths.
He also was so helpful to me while I was recovering from my c-section. I am very blessed!

Morgan is enjoying being a big sister. She has been a little jealous, but she really loves her baby sister!

I will post some pics soon!

Also, starting back on ww soon. I've lost 20 of the 40 I gained, so I have to get back on track!