Monday, July 13, 2009

a wedding and a new addition!

well, june was a busy month in the williams household! my little sister got married! of course morgan was the cutest flower girl ever - and i was the cutest matron of honor (the only matron of honor, actually!)

the wedding was in new orleans, and we went down there thursday night because the bridesmaids luncheon was friday morning. while i was hanging out with the girls, bo took morgan to the aquarium of the americas. bo said it was REALLY crowded, but, as luck would have it, they ran into my brother and nephews while they were there.

here's mo making a silly face!

oh, and i have to share the cutest picture. morgan LOVES "cousin nathan" and wanted to dance with him at the reception all night. he didn't want to do it, but i offered him a dollar to dance whenever she wanted to. he did, and he earned that dollar!

and as for the new addition to our family, NO, it's not a baby! you may know that we got a kitten last summer. we named her tessa. she was such a cute kitten! we had her fixed and declawed and were content with just one pet. but she got really sick - and we had to have her put down. morgan still talks about tessa and has been asking for another kitten. well, bo's sister allison's cat got "knocked up" and had 7 kittens in may. we decided to get two this time, so they could play with each other during the day while we are gone.

we had planned to get a girl and a boy (so bo wouldn't be the only male in the house anymore!) and were going to name them lucy and desi. when the time came to get the kittens, the only 2 big enough to leave the momma were both girls. so we named them lucy and layla. we got them while morgan was out of town so we could suprise her when she got home. when we picked her up, we told her we had a suprise for her. she said "is it a hippopotumas?" bo and i both started laughing and said that a hippo was a little too big for the house. she said "no, i meant a stuffed one!" she went on to guess a few more things - shoes, baby doll, candy...but never guessed kittens.

so she was very suprised when we got home!

and i think the kittens were suprised too! morgan loves them, but i'm sure drives them crazy! she wants to be wherever they are and is constantly picking them up, moving them and sometimes dropping them. i know they are happy when we leave for work/school in the mornings!

morgan is out of town for this week :-( so maybe i'll have time for another post before she gets back!