Tuesday, March 30, 2010


since morgan was out of school for spring break, i took the whole week off of work. bo was lucky enough to be able to take off thursday thru saturday. on tuesday, morgan and i went with some friends to clarksdale to see baby abby (morgan's friend's new little sister). Morgan just loved abby and is now naming all of her baby dolls abby.

isn't she adorable!

when bo got off of work on wednesday, we left home to go to clinton to stay with my parents and enjoy all of the benefits of being in a "big" city that we don't have in cleveland. thursday morning, morgan and i went to the mall to a store called zoe's world to "get fancy". we got pedicures and manicures and also got our hair and makeup done.

afterwards we met up with bo and ate lunch at mazzios and went to chuck e cheese's.

on friday bo and i both got massages and then ate lunch at ichiban, where he set his personal record for eating sushi - 42 pieces!!

then on saturday, i participated in my first "real" 5k. i did a 5k back in october in rosedale, but it was only about 25 or 30 runners (i finished last with a time of 34 min 21 sec). this 5k had over 1,000 participants with about 800 of them being runners. my sister april ran it with me. it was actually pretty difficult, and i blame it on the fact that i had eaten everything in sight while we were in jackson. the night before the race i ate chicken on a stick, hushpuppies and fries from penn's. while i felt awful during the race, it didn't affect my performance. i finished in 31:54 which works out to just over a 10 minute mile. i usually average over 11 minutes a mile in training. so i learned from that mistake and will not eat like that before a race again!

here is a picture of me and morgan before the race:

i want her to grow up seeing me be active and hopefully continuing to run. i hope that when she is older, we can run together .
the start of the race:

and me during the race - i was coming to get a kiss from bo and morgan - that's why i'm running on the grass

as some of you know, i am training for a half marathon in june. i am enjoying my training, especially my long runs. so far i am up to 9 miles at one time! hoping for 10 this week. i still have over 2 months until the race, so i think i should be ready in time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New blog link

I have added a new blog link to the right side of the screen. If you are a fan of LOST, you must check out this blog. It is written by a guy who has never seen lost, and is watching the final season and summarizing each episode. As someone who has watched every episode (some of them twice), and is still somewhat "lost" about what's going on, it is so funny to see a newbie's interpretation.