Monday, August 2, 2010

morgan is having a baby.....

we are so excited to have two little girls!!! bo and morgan went with me to the ultrasound. of course, we had to wait forever in the waiting room. morgan just couldn't understand why we had to wait!
but anyway, bo brought the video camera, and he taped what we could see on the screen. it didn't take long for the ultrasound tech to tell us we are having a little girl. and she also checked all of the organs and measured the baby. she said everything looks like it's supposed to look, and that the baby is in the 90th percentile for size! neither of us is very tall so we figure most likely the due date is a little behind, because we just don't see how our baby could be big!

we have already gotten our crib and changing table in and have put them together. bo also installed a new fan in both the baby's room and morgan's room. next step is the bedding and painting the room. i have been obsessing over bedding, so hopefully i can make a decision soon!

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