Sunday, May 2, 2010

morgan wants you to know that she is gonna be a....

and we couldn't be more excited!

baby williams is due december 26th. morgan is hoping for a little sister, but has finally come around and decided that she would be ok with a brother too. bo has a "feeling" our little peanut is a boy, but of course would be happy with either a boy or girl.

so my half marathon dream will have to wait. i am tentatively planning to run the marathon makeover half marathon in october of 2011. you may wonder why i would have even started preparing for a marathon if we were trying to have a baby. the thing is, we had begun trying to conceive in january of 2009. and at some point we decided we could not put our lives on hold waiting for something that may never happen. something that we could not control. i can say that it was very humbling to want something so much and to not be able to achieve it. God is defnitely in control, and we are just so blessed that He has decided to answer our prayers in this way. looking back over the past 15 months, we can now see how God was using this to teach us many lesson that we otherwise may not have learned. we will never take our ability to become pregnant for granted again.

the 15 months of testing, dissapointments, researching, dr's vists where "nothing" was wrong, anxiety, praying and worrying seem like a distant memory now. it's like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders and we are so thankful! we can not wait to meet our son or daughter in december!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! It's very wise that you didn't put your life on hold. But I'm glad you have such a good reason to put your half-marathon on hold!

  2. thanks katie!
    i am a tiny bit sad about not getting to do the half marathon, but i am so grateful to finally be pregnant!
    i will do a half marathon one day!

  3. congrats on getting pregnant. I have just recently heard of the marathon makeover and thought about joining the Brandon group. But with my husband's schedule I just don't know if I could commit to it.