Monday, April 12, 2010

2 years....

(that is a picture of a picture. i couldn't get my scanner to work)

two years ago today, we became a family of three. i can speak for bo and say that this has been the most wonderful 2 years of our lives. every day we get to spend together is a joy. bo is more than i ever could have asked for in a husband. and he thinks i'm a pretty good wife too :-)
i hope and pray that everyone who is married is as happy and fulfilled in their marriage as we are. and i am so blessed that morgan will grow up in a home where the father is the leader of the household, and that she will have high expectations when it comes to choosing a husband (although no one will be good enough for her in my opinion)
thank you bo for making me the happiest woman in the world! and for giving my daughter something i was worried i couldn't - a strong, responisible, loving, involved (bonus) father who loves her as if she were his own flesh and blood. i love watching you videotape her school plays, play barbies and babies, teaching her how to count and read letters - and i love how you try to act all tough in front of me when she acts up, but then you don't have the heart to spank her.
i am blessed!


  1. Happy anniversary! It seems like so much longer than two years ago.

  2. thanks! i know it feels like a lifetime ago! (but in a good way)