Friday, May 8, 2009

happy "mudders" day!

morgan's class had their mother's day breakfast this morning. they sang a song for us and chose our breakfast foods...which consisted of several different types of donuts and some apple slices. then miss mandy read the book "i love you forever" and the kids knew some of the words. the book is so sweet, i was worried i might tear up, but i managed to hold it together!

morgan's teacher (who we love!) helped the kids make mother's day cards. she asked them the following questions:

all about mom

1. what is mom's name? ashley

2. how old is mom? 28

3. what does daddy call mom? boo

4. what does mom do at work? get money

5. what do you and mom do for fun? go to wal mart

6. what do you want to say to mom on mother's day? "give me some food"

i think it will be a cute keepsake to remind me of this age...
they also made a cute little flower pot and gave us a packet of sunflower seeds. we'll see if anything grows!


  1. I love the answers to the questions! Is it really bad that the "I Love You Forever" book makes me want to gag? Someone gave me it as a gift when I was pregnant with Carter and all I could think was if my son loves me that much, he'll never love his wife! :) Could cause co-dependency issues -- so I threw it away. Laugh at me now, go ahead! I know it's just in my personality to go against the grain like that...

  2. the first time i read it, before i had morgan, i thought it was disturbing...the momma sneaking into her grown sons house in the middle of the night and picking him up and rocking him in his bed - very strange!
    but, now i get it. i wouldn't actually do that, but i may want to!
    "as long as i'm living, my baby she'll be"!

  3. i can identify with what you said -- as long as we live, they'll be our kiddos... i think for me, it has to do with being a wife and wondering what it would be like if my mil were like that -- ick! and then also being a mother of a son and knowing i'll always love him that much but there will come a day that i must let him go... :) you know me, i'm always anti-establishment, which basically means while all the other mothers are sniffling about how sweet the book is, i just can't get past the bigger issues...