Friday, April 10, 2009

all because two people fell in love...

bo and i have been married for one year this sunday. most people say that the first year of marraige is the hardest, but for us it's been pretty easy. i never realized how fulfiling and fun marriage can be. this truly has been the best year of both of our lives. bo always puts me and morgan ahead of himself. he is proud of our home and our family. i feel so blessed to have found the perfect mate for me. and while most couples can hardly believe they've been married a year, bo and i both agree it seems like we've been married a year or longer ~ but in a good way! so much has happened this past year. we have bought our first home together, and spent months painting it (well, i didn't actually paint - bo and his dad did). we've both gotten new (used) vehicles, and morgan has almost completed her first year of 3k.

another big change in our life has been losing weight. bo decided in november that he wanted to lose a few pounds. and of course i wanted to lose weight too, so i suggested we start weight watchers.

when we first started, i was hoping to lose about 5 pounds, which would get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight. (3 years after giving birth!) but it came off so easily i didn't want to quit there! as people started to notice my weight loss and my clothes all got too big, i got even more inspired. to date, i've lost 26 pounds and am wearing between a 4 and a 6. i'm extremely happy as i was in a 10 before we started.

one thing i didn't realize when i was overweight was how bad it made me feel. i always felt embarassed to meet new people or to see old friends. i was ashamed of how i looked. but i didn't really realize how much until i had lost the weight. thanks to my wonderful husband's support, i am now more confident and happier than ever before. every aspect of my life is better now. and while i still miss eating certain things from time to time, i get to enjoy my new body every day. every morning when i step on the scale, i am happy. when i get dressed i am reminded of how far i have come. no food has ever made me feel this good!

i do want to brag on my husband a little bit more. he is an amazing father to morgan. he loves her just as much as he would if she were biologically his child. i am very happy and proud when morgan says that she wants to marry her daddy bo. i am so glad that i am giving her a father figure that she can look to as an example when she looks for a mate. he loves and protects both of us and i hope that morgan will have extremely high standards when choosing a husband.

God has richly blessed my family and i wake up every day happy to be me!

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  1. I'm very happy for you! You do look wonderful, but I thought you looked absolutely beautiful in the wedding pics of a little over a year ago too. I know how good it feels to improve, though, so congratulations! I hope the same for my baby girl -- that she will choose wisely some day. It's a hard lesson to teach but step one, I think is choosing wisely ourselves (which you seem to have done) and step two, realizing it's never too early to start discussing these things (on their level, of course!).