Saturday, March 21, 2009

weekend fun

a couple of weeks ago, we went down to visit my parents in clinton. morgan LOVES her grammy, grandaddy and cousins so much, it's like i'm not even there!
since morgan slept with grammy and grandaddy, bo and i were able to get up early and go to the gym (at the healthplex) and get back home before morgan even woke up. then we went shopping in flowood. we had 3 main goals with this shopping trip: to buy size 6 jeans for me (yippee!!!), to find some diet cherry 7 up, and to eat at ichiban - bo's favorite, since they have all you can eat sushi!

so we got the jeans and checked target and kroger for the diet cherry 7 up...neither had it. then went to ichiban - bo ate about 20 pieces of sushi and i discovered that ichiban has my beloved "pink sauce" that kyotos serves. so all i ate was rice and pink sauce - soooo good!!
we continued our quest for the diet cherry 7 up by going to the other target and the walmart and kroger in clinton, all to no avail.
when we got back to my parents house, morgan was playing outside with "cousin nathan" and christian. she calls him "cousin nathan" so not to confuse him with her boyfriend nathan.
here are some pics of them playing

bo recently got a blackberry and he took some video of morgan playing. i don't know how to post video yet, but i did get a picture of bo showing morgan the video on his phone. i thought it was so sweet!

and now some more pics of our sweet girl

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