Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine's day!

since valentine's day fell on saturday this year, i "suggested" to my husband that it would still be ok if he sent me flowers to work on friday. i know some people think it's a waste of money but it means a lot to me to get flowers at work on special occasions. i guess my "hint" worked.

ever since we met, he has always sent me 3 roses, b/c he says it means "i love you" and he always sends me pink too...

also on friday, morgan had her valentine's party at school...somewhere between 25 and 30 three and four year olds...mass chaos will always ensue...but the kids enjoy it!

morgan did a couple of crafts but her favorite part was decorating (and eating) a heart shaped cookie....

morgan got a whole box full of valentines from school and a special present from her momma and daddy bo. she also decorated cupcakes with mae mae and pappe and got a bunch of gifts from them. then on saturday morgan got 3 special valentines in the mail - one from mae mae and pappe, one from her daddy and a package from her nannie and papaw that had a bear in it. she was excited and felt very special! she also got a valentines happy from grammy and granddaddy last weekend when we went to visit them.

saturday night we went out for mexican b/c we hadn't had it since we started weight watchers in november. here we are before our "big night out"

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  1. Found your blog! Morgan is growing up so fast. I just started a blog also..check mine out!