Thursday, April 12, 2012

since my last post....

a lot has happened!!
we moved into our new house in august! we love it!

morgan was selected to be a flower girl by one of the homecoming maids at her school

i completed my first half marathon (2:32) in october!

Claire turned 1 and Morgan turned 6

We took a vacation to Nashville and I completed my 2nd half marathon (2:17) in March, then 3 weeks later completed my 3rd half marathon (2:26) - but no pics from that one.

Claire is growing up fast and is a wild child! She is doing everything she is supposed to be doing at her age. She is very different than Morgan was as a toddler. She will eat just about anything, whereas Morgan was very picky. Claire is also a daredevil. She doesn't seem to be scared of anything. I don't remember Morgan being quite so adventurous.

Morgan is just as smart as she can be. She can read most words and she knows all the books of the Bible. She is very good at math as well. This past fall she learned to ride her bike. She pretty much taught herself. We helped of course, but she just stayed outside and worked on it every day until she got it. She has also figured out how to hoola hoop and how to do cartwheels.

That's all I can think of for now - Oh, and today (april 12th) is mine and Bo's 4th anniversary!!



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